About our Karate Programs in Evergreen, CO

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What our Martial Arts program can do for your child

 Envision Martial Arts, Colorado’s premiere Martial Arts school system, loves teaching the children and families of it’s communities important life skills such as confidence, discipline, respect, and focus. Envision Martial Arts is owned by Master Jody Horn and his wife, Emma Horn and together they represent 45 years of martial arts experience and are a dynamic team both on and off the Taekwondo mats. They have created a curriculum focused on the values every parent wants to see in their child. They strive to help every student become more confident by setting individual goals for them and then ensuring the student follows through with their commitments thus creating the powerful statement of “Yes, I Can!”

Every student begins their training at Envision Martial Arts with a FREE private lesson, which eases many children’s nerves and puts them at ease. It also allows the instructors, parents, and students to get to know each other. Envision makes sure that every student has a personal and positive experience when at their facility. Call TODAY to schedule your FREE private lesson at one of our convenient locations in Colorado! We look forward to meeting you and your family soon!

About our Children's programs:

Little Dragons Program for ages 4-6:

Karate Kids Programs for ages 7-11:

Our Little Dragons program helps children 4-6 develop gross and fine motor skills that will give your child an edge in every single activity they decide to try out. Martial Arts is proven to be the best activity in the world and giving children young and old a boost in their early childhood development.

The second half of boosting your child's developement is about developing their brain. Our program is designed to develop your child's Focus, Discipline, Confidence, Respect, and Self-Control. 

Imagine the boost and advantage your child will have in school when they learn how to focus on their teacher, retain information better, have the confidence to meet friends, and have all the tools to suceed!

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The Karate kids program is built for ages 7-11 and it will give your child an activity that they can fall in love with.

Our Martial Arts program allows children to continiously excel at their own pace which builds their Confidence and Self-Esteem. 

This program also will get your child active and healthy. We promote a balanced lifestyle with healthy habits that will last your chid a lifetime.

We all want to raise our children to best of our abilities. Think of the peace of mind you will experience when you know you give your child every advantage to succeed in their life by getting them involved in our life improvement program.

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